Situated at the Northern end of Yeppoon, the Farnborough community offers a quiet country lifestyle close to Yeppoon. Popular area for agriculture as well as lifestyle blocks. Farnborough is in close proximity to popular 4wd tracks and beach accesses.

Farnborough History

William Broome owned the “Woodbury” property just north of Yeppoon where he experimented with growing sugar cane. Concluding that it was a viable crop, he and others floated the Yeppoon Sugar Company in 1883 to build and operate a mill. Not all the shares were sold, leaving the venture financially stressed. The mill continued to operate even after it went into receivership and was eventually wound up and auctioned in 1889. It was passed in and later bought by two of its original shareholders, George Tuson and Edward Pike Livermore, who still had faith that the business would succeed.

In 1893 the mill employed 182 men at £1 per week and keep, The mill crushed 12 hours a day, the men working staggered 10-hour shifts.

In spite of Armstrong’s energy and initiatives, the difficulties in moving the raw sugar to the Bundaberg refinery (still no railway to Yeppoon), a shortage of labour and a prolonged period of low rainfall resulting in reduced crop yields, all contributed to the closure of the mill in 1901.

Conveniences include;

Median house price is $700,000
Population of 484
5 Year population change – 14.6%

(Source RP Data as of June 2022)