Property Management Guide

Renting Your Property with @ Real Estate

Troy Gesler

Property Manager

Troy Gesler is warm, welcoming, down to earth and easy to talk to.

Combined with his vast property knowledge and experience, Troy is ideally suited to personally assisting Landlords in Yeppoon, Emu Park and The Capricorn Coast to get the best return on their investment.

Troy has 20 years’ experience in buying, selling, investing, renovating, building and developing property.

Troy spearheads the Property Management Department, dedicated to clear communication, and upholding a high standard for both Landlords and tenants alike.

Troy along with his partner, Natalie established @ Real Estate Yeppoon as a leader in Real Estate, not only in Yeppoon and Emu Park but the whole Capricorn Coast property market. With Troy as one of the business owners, he has a more hands on relationship with his landlords and tenants.

@ Real Estates is committed to helping their valued clients achieve their dreams and providing the highest standard of service to all of its clients, and the local community. 

Karin O’Connor

Property Manager

Karin is loved by all her clients, being tenants and landlords alike. From her positive can-do attitude and vast industry knowledge to her detailed feedback and support, she has proven to be a hit with her clients.

Karin has been in the Property Management industry for 20 years and has a wealth of industry knowledge that her Landlords benefit from. This vast industry experience ensures Karin understands what is important to both her Tenants and Landlords alike.

Karin treasures her clients and their valued asset as she personally manages all aspects of their investment property. Karin also enjoys, walking, cooking and sewing.



Our Property Management department specialises in rental management for;

  • Residential Homes and Units
  • Acreage and Rural Properties
  • Industrial, Commercial Properties
  • Corporate leasing

Stay up to date with local property news including market updates, developments and current rental & investment data.


@ Real Estate have leading technology. Our clients benefit from tracking tenant interest, tenant and land lord portals with online access in real time to their important documents.

Social media has also proven to be a helpful method of building relationships, as well as marketing. As such, this young company has invested heavily in utilizing market leading technology wherever possible. Reinforcing their vision, to continue leading the way forward in real estate on the Capricorn Coast.

Action Plan

  1. Get to know you and your property
  2. Arrange appraisal inspection consultation to;
    • Inspect the rental property
    • Discuss rental amounts
    • Set expectations
    • Compliance issues such as smoke alarms & pool certificates
      • Asset preparation advice
      • Explain forms and processes
      • Risk and recommendations
      • Marketing action plan
      • Fees and service standards
  3. Complete Paperwork
  4. Arrange marketing;
    • Tenant matching
    • Professional Photography
    • Online marketing
    • Social Media
    • Newsletters
  5. Private viewing.
  6. Assess tenant applications;
    • Checking their rental history. We ask current and previous agents detailed questions.
    • We telephone their place of employments to confirm their work details
    • We check their details against a National Tenant Data Base.
    • Once we have found a suitable application, we will discuss with you the tenant before any decision is made
  7. Entry inspection condition report.
  8. Approved Tenant/s move into property.

Formula to Maximise your Return on Investment


  • Our Property Management team, Troy and Karin, will give you direct mobile and email addresses


  • Consistent, clear and straightforward


  • Regular market updates and helpful tips

Home Match

  • Tenant matching allows our tenants to match with properties related to their requirement

Online Landlord Portal

  • Landlords have access to view up to date financial records, inspection reports, maintenance information, photos and much more online and in real time.

Professional Property Management VS Private or DIY Rental

Professional Property Manager
  • Protect your asset and gain the highest return on your investment possible
  • Ensure all paper work is completed correctly
  • Can arrange maintenance for your property, saving you time and hassle
  • Maintain records of all rent paid and related expenses. Our Landlords have access to our online Landlord's portal, providing copies of all financial records, and routine inspection reports
  • Routine inspections should be carried out at least every 3 months
  • Suggests improvements to the property that would maximise rental return
  • Ensure you are protected by recommending regular smoke alarm maintenance, general maintenance and insurance
Do It Yourself
  • Many tenants with a poor rental history (leaving properties messy and/or owing rent) will target private rentals. These tenants know their past behaviour has been registered on various databases that P.M. have access to. Unreliable tenants know the system and how to play it
  • If you don’t have the correct paper work completed from the start you may not only lose many of your rights as a landlord, but may also have insurance claims denied.

Periodic Inspections

It is essential that inspections are done regularly to ensure that the tenant is fulfilling their obligation to maintain the property.

  • Each property on our rental role is inspected every 17 Weeks
  • After the inspection has been carried out, you are supplied with a written report of the tenant/s conduct, backed up with photos
  • A follow up inspection will be booked if the inspection standard is not to our satisfaction

Fees and Charges

Our commission and management fee is 8.5% inc. GST and a letting fee of one weeks rent + GST

  • Marketing costs are dependent on the agreed marketing package
  • There are no further charges unless the unfortunate situation should arise, requiring a property manager to attend mediation/tribunal hearing to recover monies on your behalf

Strict Rent Payment Control

We firmly believe in dousing the problem early without allowing it to become out of control.

You can expect:

  • We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy which we outline clearly to all tenants when they are sign their lease
  • We will process rent payments daily
  • We will follow up all late rent payments in accordance with our management agreement and relevant State Residential Tenancy Act
  • We will contact you to make recommendation and seek your instructions, should termination of the tenancy be an option
  • We will keep you informed throughout the legal process, should termination be necessary
  • We will provide you with an annual financial summary (if requested)

Therefore, our office follows this strict procedure:

  • Rent 3-7 days late - Personal follow-up & SMS messages
  • 8 days behind – Issue of Breach Notice and personal follow up
  • Expiration of Breach Notice - Tenant served with a Termination Notice obligating them to pay or further action will be taken (e.g. tribunal and termination). This would not be done without express consent and consultation with the landlord to discuss options
  • If the problem persists, the matter will be taken to QCAT for an order of payment (or eviction depending on the debt severity at that time)

Insurance for your rental income

Many landlords know that they must insure the building against damage caused by fire, storm etc. What some fail to do however, is insure against their tenant.

No matter how detailed you check out a tenant, they still may not pay. Even a perfectly good tenant can have an unexpected change of circumstances that can result in a rent default. We hear several landlords’ state- ‘Why do I need insurance when I have an agent?’

We cannot guarantee the credit worthiness of any tenant, as law disallows us access to this type of information. Further, as all rent payments are purely voluntary, the control of the tenant paying their rent is in their hands. Therefore, like any type of investment, property investment does have a factor of risk involved. As a landlord, you can choose to accept this risk yourself, or transfer this risk to an insurer. 

Turning your Rental Property into a Successful Business

Preparing your property for a new tenant is as important as the actual tenancy itself. There are a number of things that are to be completed to help the make moving in of your tenant as smooth as possible.

General Cleaning

The condition and cleanliness of the property is recorded and provides a benchmark for the tenancy. This ensures the required condition and cleanliness of your property when the tenant vacates.

  • A landlord is obligated to see that the property is ‘reasonably clean’ for a new tenant.
  • Prior to a new tenant taking possession, complete a detailed entry condition inspection & report.

Carpet Cleaning

  • It is compulsory to have carpets professionally cleaned prior to a new tenant taking possession.
  • Your property manager can record the carpeted areas being professionally cleaned.
  • If your carpets are not professionally cleaned when the tenant vacates your property, your property manager can’t insist this be done and paid for by tenant prior to any bond refund.


  • Please ensure all lawns are freshly mowed and edged.
  • The tenant will be required to maintain the lawns & gardens throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Oil Stain Removal

  • It is important that driveways, carport and garage floors have any surface oil removed.
  • If oil present at the final inspection, your property manager can obligate the tenant to remove it.

Repairs and Maintenance

To maximise your return, and ensure a good tenant be attracted to your home, each property must be presented and maintained in the best possible manner.

One of the biggest complaints that tenants have with a rental property is its state of repair. We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. We require tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing.

You can expect:

  • We will not undertake repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required to be rectified by law.
  • We will contract a tradesperson within a timely manner for non-urgent repair requests.
  • We will attend to any urgent repair requests immediately.
  • We will only use trades people who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property

Up to Standards

Termite Checks

  • We recommend that termite checks be conducted annually.
  • Regular checks help protect your investment from unwanted damage.

Payment of rental monies

  • You will be paid rent monies collected on your behalf at end of month.
  • This is paid directly into your nominated bank account.

Monthly and Yearly Statements

  • You will receive a monthly statement itemising rent money received, fees, charges and repairs.
  • You will receive a financial year statement summary that you can use for taxation purposes.
  • Statements are also available on your landlord portal.

Air Conditioning

  • Air Conditioners require filters be properly in place and clean.


  • It is important that you arrange to have all your utilities (eg. electricity) finalised.
  • It will then be the responsibility of the tenant to have all utilities reconnected under their own name.
  • This ensures both the tenant and the landlord only pay for the utilities they consume.

Personal Items and Furniture

  • Do not leave any personal items at the premises that are not part of the tenancy.
  • We highly recommend no items of furniture etc. be left for tenant/s use (with the exception of freestanding robes etc).

Maintaining the standard of your property

  • Your property manager will take photos of the exterior and interior prior to a tenant taking possession.
  • These photos will be used as a reference to ensure your property has been maintained to the same standard throughout the tenancy, and on vacating.


  • In most cases tenant cover ‘excess’ water consumption only.
  • As water service departments insist that the water account remain in the owner’s name we ask that you pay the account in full. (Please ensure you advise the water department of your change of address).
  • Where the account is related to excess water consumption we ask that you forward a copy to your office. (Please ensure your copy outlines water meter readings usually found on the back of the account). This allows us to calculate what your tenant is responsible to pay.
  • Your property manager will send an account to the tenant. Once paid, will reimburse you.

Building & Pest

  • In renting out your property it is essential that the property is compliant and structurally up to standard. It is recommended by @ Real Estate, that Building and Pest Inspections are carried at the premises annually to ensure standards are met.


  • Current policies are required to be put on file.


  • Ensure pool is clean and clear instructions are left regarding maintenance, along with a pool safety certificate.

Smoke Alarms

  • Smoke alarms must be installed and be up to date with compliance.

Safety Switch

  • A safety switch must be installed.


  • Three sets must be provided, to the real estate. One set for the office (for routine inspection and maintenance) and another two sets for the tenant/s