As we enter an exciting new decade in 2020 and beyond, Capricorn Enterprise is proud to represent the needs of business and industry across a large part of Central Queensland.

Our organisation is also chartered to deliver regional economic development services, including positive industry initiatives, collaborations and partnerships to help facilitate a strong, healthy and diverse regional economy.

We have enormous faith in a positive future, with major public and private sector projects underway or planned for our region including:

  • $3.6 billion in local infrastructure projects underway, thanks to significant State and Federal funding including:
    • Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area (ASMTI and remedial works)
    • Rookwood Weir
    • Rockhampton Ring Road
  • Construction of the Keppel Bay Convention Centre and Sporting Hub by the Keppel Bay Sailing Club in Yeppoon (includes a $20 million commitment from the Federal Government)
  • Commencement of a new Great Keppel Island Resort (pending finalisation of sale from Tower Holdings to Altum Property Group and associated water/power infrastructure with $25 million commitment from the State Government).

Our focus for 2020 particularly includes:

  • Our continued partnership with Construction Skills Queensland to focus on the skills requirements to meet demand in our region over the next decade.
  • Our continued partnership with fellow tourism organisations and industry to help drive increased domestic and international visitation and expenditure
  • Construction of the Keppel Bay Convention Centre and Sporting Hub by the Keppel Bay Sailing Club in Yeppoon
  • Our continued efforts to see a new Great Keppel Island Resort come to fruition.

We look forward to working closely with you, our Partners, collaborating with key stakeholders and networking with Members to continue facilitating economic development in our region.

Source - Capricorn Coast Enterprise. 

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