52 countries around the world were asked about their daily commute to their work place. Australia came in 12th following Israel, United Arab Emirates, India, Hong Kong, Kenya, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa and Malaysia.

Time is valuable and precious, we can’t buy more. 

Between a 2011 and 2016 Census study showed there was a surge from 890 in 2011to 1303 in 2016 travelling to the Capricorn Coast to work.

Capricorn Enterprises chief executive Mary Carrol said ‘it has been long established that a third of the workers who live on the Capricorn Coast commute daily to Rockhampton for work’. However, the number of Rockhampton residence travelling to Yeppoon is increasing. ‘An increase in the Rockhampton workers commuting to the Coast for employment reflects industry growth in Yeppoon and its beachside communities which is a positive indicator of economic growth’ she said. 

34% of the Capricorn Coast residents commute to Rockhampton daily for work. Increasing by less than 5% in 5 years. 

It was discussed by Bill Shorten in the annual State of the Nation conference hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, that an estimate of traffic congestion would cost the Australian economy $53 Billion by 2031. The distance between where Australians live and work grows fast, affects quality of life and the amount of time spent with loved ones. "Most of the new jobs are within 10 km of our CBDs. Yet most of our population growth is occurring in our outer suburbs, more than 20 km from the CBD" he said.

7.4 Million out of 10.9 Million of Australians commuting to work or full-time study made trips in capital cities according to 2112 Australian Bureau of Statistics data. The three major cities Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne account for 5.5 Million. 16% of commuters travel by public transport whilst 78% travel by car. An Estimate of 500 thousand out of 11.3 Million people do not travel for work.

It is obvious that Rockhampton is the major city for the Central Queensland region but the growth on the Capricorn Coast is something to keep watch on with many projects completed and set to be completed in the future, it is sure to bring much more economic growth to the Capricorn Coast Community and possibly longer commute times to those Local and not Local.

Australian Government, State of Australian Cities 2014-2015, July 2015

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