Thinking back to the 20 + properties Troy and I have personally bought and sold, it surprises me how almost all of them were verbally negotiated and not put into writing until a price had been agreed on. 

I truly have no idea why other agents negotiated, back and forth verbally. 

Here at @ Real Estate, we have a strict policy that all offers need to be made in writing, heres why;

  • Written offers provide everyone involved with clear, transparent communication and avoids confusion.
  • Shows the buyer is genuine and ready to move forward.
  • Allows the seller to see exactly what the buyer is offering, price, conditions, deposit, settlement date etc.
  • As an agent, we find it an excellent negotiation tool, and avoids games that buyers and sellers play.
  • While it might take a little more time to arrange a written offer it works out faster in the long run for everyone. 

Certainly as a seller I would prefer the agent to present all offers in writing, as an agent I have found it an excellent negotiation tool to extract the highest price from the buyer. 

As a buyer I would prefer my offer to be in writing, as an agent I have found there is a better chance of the seller accepting written offers.

Everyone wins from clear transparent communication. This is why we insist all offers be made in writing. 


Written by Natalie Gesler of @ Real Estate

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