By now I am sure you have noticed that the @ Real Estate team love online marketing and with good reason, we know it works.  Out of all houses sold by our team over the last 6 months 91% of buyers found out about the home online and further more 96% of all @ Real Estate buyer enquiries come from online.  While the @ Real Estate website www.atrealestate.net.au is receiving an growing number of hits per property and is quickly catching the larger portals such as domain.com.au and realestate.com.au, a massive 81% of @ Real Estate buyer enquires come from www.realestate.com.au.

Other than the overwhelming evidence that online marketing sells property there are a several of other completing reasons to ensure your online marketing is on point;

All online marketing should be easy to bench mark and measure.  Meaning that the @ Real Estate team are able to set an expectation as to how many internet hits a property is expected to receive from each website and on social media, as well as the level of engagement expect.  This expectation can be compared with averages, other similar properties and a particular property.  For example the team of sales experts at @ Real Estate expect to receive 400 internet hits per property per week. If a property does not receive 400 hits per week, adjustments need to be made to increase buyer interest.

The other benefit of online marketing is it is flexible and can be quickly changed or updated.  For example if a seller wants to change the price this can be changed on all internet and social media platforms quickly.  Likewise the agent may like to change the photos around to give the advertising a fresh look.  Meaning there are no dead lines to meet or waiting for printing or publishing.

To top it off, online marketing is generally very cost effective combined with the availability of information and flexibility online marketing put the seller and agent back in control over that marketing campaign.

Proof Open Homes Work

Out of all the houses that the @ Real Estate sales team have sold over the last 6 months, 63% of all those buyers come through the open home and went on to buy the house.  


Natalie Gesler
@ Real Estate

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