On reflection of the last six months (August 2017 to February 2018) the sales super stars of @ Real Estate have achieved amazing results with 54% of all house sales at full list price or higher and on average sold in 29 days. These amazing results demonstrate changes in consumer behaviour, as well as a changing market here on the beautiful Capricorn Coast. As buyers change the way they search for their new home, their expectations are rising too.  Our statistics show that 91% of all buyer enquiry is generated online and 96% of all home buyers that brought a home found that home online. When we look back at the properties that have sold for full list price or higher, they all have a few things in common, making it easy to see why they are appealing to modern buyers.  

Remember local buyers now days are used to seeing perfectly presented stylish homes online and on reality TV shows, fulling their expectations of what there own homes could look like. 

Firstly these homes have been presented absolutely perfectly. Meaning;

  • Extremely well maintained, and in excellent condition.
  • Tastefully decorated, with décor to suite the home.
  • Perfectly clean inside and out, not a speck of dust or weed to be seen.

 With the vast amount of information available to buyers online now days, buyers are highly educated about what to expect in their price point as such these sellers are keen to listen to their sales professional and follow their advice;

  • Price the property correctly
  • Actively market the property

These vendors are all extremely happy and moving on to the next chapter of their life’s.  

The @ Real Estate Sales Team would love to chat with you about how to sell your home for full list price too.

Natalie Gesler - @ Real Estate

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