“I was recently reminded of this story when we were talking about unusual sales listing consultations in the office the other day. 

Bear with me as this was almost 13 years ago.

I had kept fit and healthy during the pregnancy, as Troy and I continued to renovate our home (I think this was our fourth Reno, and yes we were flippers) I had fallen pregnant shortly after purchasing the property), hoping to complete the renovation and list the home for sale, before our new baby arrived.  I finished work 2 weeks before my expected due day and enjoyed my first few days off by putting up the holes in the scootering (trimming) on the floating floor we had just installed, that is to say I spend 2 days sitting on a cushion filling very small nail holes, which I recall finding very relaxing and rewarding.

After 2 days of filling holes I didn’t feel like doing anything on the third day, and no wonder as the early stages of labour began that evening.  Obviously Troy stayed home from work to be with me, ready to take me to the hospital when the time finally came, and of course to wash the windows and meet with the Real Estate Agent to list the home for sale.  Yes, you just read that.  I had been in labour all night (with my first and only child). We got out of bed, called our Real Estate Agent to come over and list the property for sale.

That poor agent, we had enlisted his help with the purchase and sale of a couple of properties before, and knew him fairly well.  However, the poor guy was not expecting me to be have contractions every 5 minutes during the listing consultation. He remained a true professional, showing concern for my wellbeing and managed to carry on with the appointment despite the obvious distraction.  Troy and I were excited to achieve our goal of listing the house for sale before the baby arrived, even if it was only by a few hours. 

Meeting our wonderful Son Trey for the first time was truly the best day of my life”. 

Natalie Gesler
Principle / Sales Agent

P.S The team @ Real Estate wish you all a wonderful mother’s day and hope all of your dreams come true.

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