The Rookwood Weir will be the first investment in major water infrastructure in the region for forty years.  The confidence of the agricultural sector will be reinforced through this vitally important opportunity for the region.  The Weir will create water supply security for Urban, Industrial and Agricultural customers in Rockhampton, Livingstone and Gladstone.  The construction of the Weir and associated bridges will include 240+ jobs in the 1-3 year outlook with longer term agricultural growth predictions of 2100+ new full time positions in the 3-7 year horizon. The expected agricultural production value of the water  will be in excess of $1 Billion – doubling the regions current production.  The economic multiplier of three is a general rule of thumb for development in allied agribusiness services including schooling, health and supply chains.  Rookwood Weir – Growing Central Queensland prosperity. 

Anne Stunzner

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