The Negotiation Process

The @ Real Estate team has a long-standing tradition of selling over half our houses for full list price or more, proving our team are fantastic negotiators. If you look back on sold properties that have been listed and what they have been sold for, Jodi and Natalie have an outstanding record for having minimal price drops or price adjustments. When we meet with a potential seller we advise them of the price we genuinely believe their property will attract.


We have a unique negation style, aiming to negotiate up not down.  Some recent examples include;

4 Eagle Heights, listed offers over $400 000, under contract for $420 000

2 Callaghan Drive, listed offers over $385 000, under contract for $395 000

11 Fairbairn Court, listed offers over $450 000, under contract for $480 000

34 Cocoanut Point Drive, listed offers over $410 000, under contract for $430 000


The negotiation process starts from the very first interaction we have with a buyer, setting the expectations while getting the buyer excited about the property. Another part of the process is that we do all of our offers in writing in the form of a contract. This means that we have a clear, transparent process for everyone and it gives our sales team Natalie, Jodi and Naomi a chance to negotiate with buyers again, to talk up the price before we present the offer to the seller. We find this system works extremely well and we often get an extra $5,000 to $20,000 extra out of the buyer right before they sign the contract.


We have great systems that we love using and work well for everyone. Buyers love it because it is clear and transparent and know where they stand. Sellers love the feedback and knowing that their agent will do everything they can to extract every dollar they can from the buyer. When we present an offer to a seller, it is all in writing with a price, deposit, and all terms and conditions so the buyer and seller are on the same page and you know exactly what you’re getting.


As a Real Estate Agent, we get paid by the seller, so we are on the seller’s side. As much as we want to help the buyer, our job is to make sure we get every cent we can out of the property for you the seller.


Please contact the @ Real Estate sales team Natalie, Jodi and Naomi for more information about this process.

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