Online Rental Applications

The @ Real Estate property management team have a unique rental application process solely completed through our website. Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding our online applications.


Is the online application easy?

Yes, our application is easy, located on our website it is simple to find and all you need to do is follow step by step. You can upload all your documents there including your 100 points of ID and payslips. Each section has their own place to attached the necessary document, making it fast and easy.


Can tenants check how their applications are going?

Yes, each stage is emailed to the tenant so they know exactly where their application is up to, including once we receive their references.


Can owners check how applications are going?

Yes, landlords can see a brief overview of the applications we have already received and Karin & Troy can also choose to send specific overviews to owners for perusal.


Is the online application faster than the paper version?

Yes, it is quicker, with our particular process once your application is submitted, personal references and job references automatically get emailed out. All information is clearly displayed and as mentioned earlier you can upload the required documents as you proceed with the application.


If you have any further questions regarding our online rental applications, please feel free to contact Troy on 0412 819 963 or Karin on 0438 246 737.

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