Spotlight on Causeway Lake revitalisation Project

In an important step forward for the Causeway lake revitalization project, a study into the feasibility of dredging the popular lake has started, Livingstonshire council informs.

Council has engaged engineering consultant Bligh Tanner to assist the council with the engagement and management of a suitably qualified firm with previous dredging experience to undertake the study, which is expected to be complied by October 2021. 

The $300,000 feasibility study for the Causeway Lake revitalization project is funded by the Queensland governments building our region program. Mayer Andy Ireland said that the study's objectives are to determine the feasibility of dredging the Causeway Lake in a way that considers life cycle-effectivness, environmental factors, sustainability and mitigates risks. 

''This evaluation is the next step for the council to determine the feasibility of dredging the Causeway Lake and inform any future applications for funding.'' Mayer Ireland said. 

No construction works are involved as part of this project, this is only a preliminary planning assessment, and no decision has been made on whether or not it is visible to dredge the Causeway Lake. 

Revitalization of the Causeway Lake area to optimize recreational use opportunities on the lake and facilitate supportive development along the lake's north and south shores have long been an interest of the council and community. 

A number of studies and efforts over the years have consistently identified the lake's shalllowing since the construction of the Causeway across the mouth of the basin in the 1930s, to be the primary limiting factor on the lake's environmental and recreational functions.  

April 13th  2021   By Eldin Ganic    Dredging       


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